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30 Best Trail Races in the US

Why do I love trail running?  The wildness, remoteness, and challenge.  The chance to experience a surprise around every corner, a mix of exciting terrain around every bend, and obstacles up every climb! No inch of a trail run is the same as the inch before. There’s just something about trail running, and something about trail races. Getting to challenge yourself in an indescribable way as you cross the finish line of the most stunning and most challenging all terrain races! Getting to become one with nature as you tackle the toughest trails with your own two feet! So get ready to explore the backcountry of the United States with these best trail races in the US, including the best trail marathons, half marathons, and many other distances!


The best trail races in the US

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Guide to the 30 Best Trail Races in the US


Covering every corner of the country, these are the 30 best trail races in the US!  Trail races that traverse mountaintops, red rock canyons, forests, grasslands, rivers, and more!  Get ready to experience the best trail running the US has to offer in each of these challenging and stunning destination races!


Locations of the 30 Best Trail Races in the US


Below is a map of the locations of all 30 of the best trail running races in the US!  You can also access the link to the map HERE.  As you can see, these trail marathons, half marathons, and more, are spread out across every corner of the country, from the literal lowest points to the literal highest points included – there is a perfect trail run for everyone!


Locations of all 30 of the best trail running races in the US!



#1: Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run


Date: late June

Location: Olympic Valley to Auburn, California (map)

Distances: 100 Mile

Race Website


We start the list off with the trail running race that is billed as the world’s oldest 100 mile trail race!  Started in 1974, this annual trail run has repeatedly proven it is one of the toughest ones in the country, and a true test of endurance for its participants!


This iconic trail running race gets its name from the course itself, which is run on the Western States Trail, beginning in Olympic Valley and ending in Auburn, California.  Expect huge ascents and descents as you traverse isolated valleys and rugged mountain passes on the way to the finish line!


#2: Leadville Trail 100


Date: mid August

Location: Leadville, Colorado (map)

Distances: 100 Mile

Race Website


This train running races truly embraces high altitude running in the heart of the Rocky Mountains!  Starting the race at just over 10,000 feet in elevation, runners should expect two climbs up Hope Pass, which rests at 12,600 feet!


And while you’re in Leadville, check out some other mountains, including one of the best 14’ers in the area to hike, Mt. Elbert – the highest point in the state!


Leadville Colorado is home to one of the best trail races in the US


#3: Badwater 135


Date: end of July

Location: Death Valley to Mt. Whitney (Lone Pine), California (map)

Distances: 135 Mile

Race Website


With an ominous name like Badwater, you know you are in for a grueling sufferfest of a trail race!  Traversing the path between the literal lowest point and highest point in the continental United States, participants will get to claim admittance to both in one race, as they run from Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park, to the base of Mt. Whitney in Lone Pine, California!


Think the intimidating Badwater Basin is enough?  Get ready for a climb to over 8,000 feet, coupled with a total mileage of – you guessed it – 135 miles.   The course covers several mountain ranges in the Sierra Nevadas and multiple landmarks (several more of them also ominously named), like Furnace Creek, the Devil’s Cornfield, Stovepipe Wells, and the Alabama Hills.  Those that finish the Badwater 135 go down in history as some of the toughest and most determined athletes and trail runners out there!


Not ready to run all the way to Mt. Whitney, but maybe hike it?  Check out my guide to hiking Mt. Whitney in ONE day!


Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park


One of the best trail races in the US is at Mt. Whitney
The Mt. Whitney Trail


#4: Jay Peak Trail Running Festival


Date: beginning of September

Location: Jay, Vermont (map)

Distances: 33 Mile, 22 Mile, 11 Mile, 5K, and Kids Trail Race

Race Website


This annual trail running festival hosts numerous trail running races, ranging in difficulty and length.  The setting is quintessential small town Vermont, a perfect trail running destination for the beginning of fall!  This festive series prides itself on being family friendly, with offerings for trail runners of various abilities and experience.


#5:Antelope Canyon Ultras


Date: mid March

Location: Page, Arizona (map)

Distances: 100 Mile, 50 Mile, 55K, and Half Marathon

Race Website


One of the most unique ways to experience one of the most unique natural formations in the Southwest!  Runners who participate in the Antelope Canyon Ultra get to actually run through the highly sought after Antelope Canyon!  Participants can soak in breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the Arizona desert, including another iconic landmark, Horseshoe Bend!


There are plenty of additional bonuses to a destination race in Page.  You are within easy road tripping distance to Grand Canyon National Park, several of Utah’s National Parks, including Grand Staircase Escalante, Zion, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef, plus local favorites like Vermillion Cliffs National Monument and Glen Canyon Recreational Area.  Try your luck at snagging a permit to “the Wave”, one of the top 10 hikes in the US that require a permit.


The Antelope Canyon Ultras and trail half marathon is one of the best trail races in the US
Antelope Canyon, Arizona


#6: Grand Island Trail Marathon


Date: end of July

Location: Munising, Michigan (map)

Distances: 50K, Marathon, and Half Marathon

Race Website


This may not be a sunbaked Caribbean island, but it is an island trail running race nonetheless!  The course boasts views of Lake Superior as its highlight.  Enjoy plenty of shoreline trail running, views of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and the island summit!


#7: Mt. Rainier Half and 5K


Date: mid July

Location: Ashford, Washington (map)

Distances: Half Marathon and 5k

Race Website


Race settings don’t get more majestic than Mt. Rainier!  As one of the 50 state high points in the US, dominating over the horizon of Washington, this trail running series boasts unrivaled Pacific Northwest scenery!


To be fair, runners don’t have to run to the top of Mt. Rainier on this course, so breath a sigh of relief there!  That would be pretty hard to accomplish, as glaciated Mt. Rainier requires a hefty amount of technical mountaineering skill, much like its southern glaciated high point sibling Mt. Hood of Oregon!  But there are still several decent climbs, and plenty of thick, lush forest, river crossings, and views of mighty Mt. Rainier – everything you would expect from a Pacific Northwest trail run in a quaint Washington town!


Mount Rainier has one of the best trail runs and trail half marathons in the US
Mount Rainier in Washington


#8: Kendall Mountain Run


Date: mid July

Location: Silverton, Colorado (map)

Distances: 12 Mile and 11 Kilometer

Race Website


Why are so many trail running races held in the mountains?  Well there’s the unmatched views, and the unmatched challenge!  And the Kendall Mountain Run in Silverton, Colorado, embraces both!  This uphill trail running race doesn’t mess around, it gets straight to the point! Tackle Kendall Mountain in the San Juan Mountains, climbing from 9,000 feet to just over 13,000 feet in elevation!


#9: Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon


Date: beginning of November

Location: Grand Canyon National Park (Grand Canyon Village, South Rim) (map)

Distances: Half Marathon, 5K, and 1 Mile

Race Website


The Grand Canyon is no stranger to endurance feats!  It is the setting for some of the toughest hikes in the country, like the Rim to Rim hike from the North Rim to the South Rim, or hiking Rim to River on the Bright Angel Trail to the Colorado River!  It is home to some of the most epic boating and rafting escapades!  It has been challenging people’s limits since the inception of endurance events.   And you can add the Grand Canyon Trail Half Marathon to that list!


The vast majority of visitors to this natural wonder of the world only witness it from the top of the South Rim.  A smaller percentage venture down into its depths, and and an even smaller percentage conquer a trail running race here!  Join this select group of endurance athletes to experience the Grand Canyon in a completely unique way.


This beautiful course winds through Kaibab National Forest, the national forest that encompasses the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and the Coconino Plateau, with its stunning views!  This course also includes a portion on the historic Arizona Trail!


Besides trail running in the stunning National Park, there are also a plethora of amazing trails to hike (when you are not running!).  Check out the more secluded North Rim and the 10 mile long Widforss Trail, with its canyon rim views!  Whatever trails you do check out, make sure to pack all the necessary hiking gear you need for Grand Canyon trails, and bring plenty of water!


Grand Canyon is home to one of the best trail half marathons in the US
The South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Kaibab National Forest, Arizona


#10: 7 Sisters Trail Race


Date: beginning of May

Location: Amherst, Massachusetts (map)

Distances: 12 Mile

Race Website


This trail running race shines a spotlight on the Northeast, with one of the most beautiful courses, and one of the toughest in the region!  Expect significant climbs along the Holyoke Range, with an elevation gain around 3,500 feet!


#11: Gorge Waterfalls 


Date: mid April

Location: Cascade Locks, Oregon (map)

Distances: 30K, 50K, and 100K

Race Website


Looking for a waterfall trail run?  This is it, set in the unparalleled Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, just outside Portland.  You get all the best of the Pacific Northwest on this race – mountains, forests, streams, moss covered cliffs, and of course, waterfalls!


Columbia River Gorge is the setting for one of the best trail running races in the US
Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon


#12: Deadwood Michelson Trail Marathon


Date: beginning of June

Location: Deadwood, South Dakota (map)

Distances: Marathon

Race Website


The Black Hills of North Dakota are one of the  most geologically interesting regions of the country.  With their jagged spires reaching towards the sky like bony fingers emerging from the forested hills.  The large majority of this point to point trail running race takes place on the Michelson Trail, ending at the historic Engine House on the Deadwood trailhead.  Expect a nice combination of some flat, some hills, and some downhills, everything you would expect from the Black Hills!


The Black Hills of South Dakota
The Black Hills of South Dakota


The Black Hills are chock full of other outdoor adventures to tag onto your trail race.  There’s Custer State Park, full of wildlife, including their bison herd and wild donkeys.  Plus it contains serene Sylvan Lake and the exhilarating state high point hike at Black Elk Peak, where you can gaze in wonder at the sheer amount of spires erupting from the Black Hills!


Don’t forget about the iconic monuments nearby, including Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore!  There’s still more!  Within a few hours radius are the TWO National Parks of South Dakota – Wind Cave National Park and Badlands National Park!  Neither should be missed if you are in the area.  Go ahead and just plan to stay for a whole week if you are running the Deadwood Michelson Trail Marathon!


Vistas of Badlands National Park, South Dakota
Vistas of Badlands National Park, South Dakota


#13: Quest for the Crest


Date: mid May

Location: Burnsville, North Carolina (Mt. Mitchell) (map)

Distances: 50K, 25K and 10K

Race Website


This trail race takes place on Mount Mitchell, the tallest mountain east of the Mississippi River!  It lives up to its slogan “beauty comes at a cost”!  Depending on the distance you choose, you will make at least 1 climb up Mount Mitchell, but up to 3 climbs if  you choose the 50K! That’s up to 12,000 feet of elevation gain!


And BONUS – by running this trail race, you also will check off one of the summits of the 50 U.S. state high points, since Mt. Mitchell is in fact the highest point in North Carolina!


Download your own 50 State High Points Checklist HERE!


Forests of Mt. Mitchell
A gnarly section of forest on the Mount Mitchell Trail


#14: Zion Ultras


Date: mid April

Location: Apple Valley, Utah (map)

Distances: 100 Mile, 100K, 50K, and Half Marathon

Race Website


Zion is just one of many trail running National Park races in the US!  And it is one of the best of that specific list for a good reason!  There is no other environment that comes close to the magnitude of Zion!  It is a visual treat to run among the towering cliffs and red rock canyon walls – an unforgettable way to experience this National Park gem!  Enjoy an unforgettable starting line sunrise as you run along the Gooseberry Mesa! And it certainly doesn’t hurt that once you are done running in the Zion Ultras, you have a wealth of additional adventures to experience in this area, which just happens to be a mecca of outdoor opportunities in Utah!


The Zion Ultras are one of the best trail races and trail half marathons in the US


#15: Ice Age Trail 50 Endurance Runs


Date: mid May

Location: Palmyra, Wisconsin (map)

Distances: 50 Mile, 50K, and Half Marathon

Race Website


Did you know that there used to be a glacier in Wisconsin?  After it retreated long ago, we were left with the remnants – Wisconsin’s lakes, valleys, pine forests, hills, open meadows, ridges, and moraines,most specifically, the Kettle Moraine.  This is what you can expect to enjoy, and challenge yourself on, during the Ice Age Trail race!  It is not every day you get to run on a trail that represents glacial topography!


#16: Pikes Peak Marathon


Date: mid September

Location: Manitou Springs, Colorado (Pikes Peak) (map)

Distances: Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10 Mile

Race Website


Ready to take on Colorado’s most famous 14’er peak?  All races start in the charming mountain town of Manitou Springs, draped in red rock!  You then get to choose how you want to tackle Pikes Peak!  Run to the summit and back, or just the summit!  Either way, you are going uphill, to a elevation of 14,115 feet!  So don’t take this trail race lightly.  Be prepared for running at high altitude, and for an unforgiving uphill grade.


And when you’ve had your fill of Colorado summits and peaks, check out some of the best canyon and red rock attractions in the state, at Garden of the Gods, and the less touristy alternative, Red Rock Canyon Open Space!  Both are located in Colorado Springs, immediately adjacent to Manitou Springs and Pikes Peak!


Pikes Peak is the setting for one of the best trail marathons and trail half marathons in the US
Pikes Peak, Colorado


#17: The Dipsea Race


Date: mid June

Location: Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, California (map)

Distances: 7.4 Mile

Race Website


From valley to sea, this course encompasses some of northern California’s best scenery.  But don’t be completely fooled by those idyllic oceanside views.  There are plenty of steep trail sections and flights of stairs on the Dipsea, with portions of the trails given “encouraging” names like “Cardiac”, and “Insult Hill”.  But this race does it right by keeping a very rewarding end goal, Stinson Beach!


Stinson Beach is home to one of the best trail running races in the US
Stinson Beach, California


#18: Scenic City Trail 


Date: mid May

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee (map)

Distances: Marathon and Half Marathon

Race Website


Some trail running races are pretty remote, buried deep in the forests, deserts, and mountains.  And then there are some that are surprisingly city oriented, for those that want to enjoy a trail running race more centrally located!  And what better town than Chattanooga, Tennessee!


Run the beautiful Stringers Ridge trails, which wind around northern Chattanooga.  A pleasant mix of some paved parts through the city and plenty of shady forest trails!


#19: Bryce Canyon Ultras


Date: mid May

Location: Hatch, Utah (map)

Distances: 100 Mile, 50 Mile, 60K, 50K, and 30K

Race Website


In case you haven’t noticed, Utah shows up a lot on this list of the best trail races in the US, and for good reason!  The Bryce Canyon Ultras are just another testament to red rock running!  If you want to see the hoodoos that Bryce Canyon is famous for, this is the course for you!  Run at a high elevation between 7,000 and 9,000 feet, this race provides views of the hoodoos from both below and above, as runners traverse the Paunsaugunt Plateau!  This is a challenging course, with big climbs, and of course, altitude.  But the payoff is worth it!


The Bryce Canyon Ultras are one of the best trail races in the US
Bryce Canyon hoodoos, Utah


#20: Mount Marathon Race


Date: beginning of July

Location: Seward, Alaska (map)

Distances: 3.1 Mile

Race Website


The name might be a little misleading, as this is not a trail marathon, but instead a short, “sweet” version of running up and back down Alaska’s Mount Marathon!  Don’t let your guard down on this short course though, as it demands a lot from the runners who come from all over the world to tackle its summit, along with native Alaskans!


Mount Marathon is incredibly steep, and mountain running experience is required of all participants.  There are other obstacles along the way too, including slippery rock, loose shale, cliff ledges, wet and muddy stream beds, and even the potential for snow and ice!  Do you think you have the mountain running skills necessary to conquer Mount Marathon?


#21: Whiteface Mountain Races


Date: beginning of July

Location: Wilmington, New York (map)

Distances: 7 Mile, 3 Mile, and Kids SkyClimber

Race Website


Come race in New York’s most beloved mountains, the Adirondacks!  This course tackles Whiteface Mountain at the Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, and while it is a lung busting climb up alpine slopes, this is billed as one of the select few on this list of family friendly trail running events, with a Kids SkyClimber event on Little Whiteface.  The whole family can enjoy this mountain trail race, and the next generation has a chance to experience the greatness that is trail running!


And when you’re finished, take advantage of another favorite in the Adirondacks, hiking to the highest point in the entire state at Mount Marcy!  This is another tough trail, full of scrambling up slippery rocks in a ravine to reach some of the best panoramas in New York!  Proof that once again, some of the best trail running races in many states reside at or near the tallest mountains in that respective state!


Run one of the best trail races in the US in New York's Adirondacks
The Adirondacks, New York


#22: Moab Trail Marathon


Date: beginning of November

Location: Moab, Utah (map)

Distances: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, and Kids K

Race Website


Run through the canyons and along the rims of Moab, Utah, one of the most picturesque towns in the Southwest!  And bonus – you can witness views of the mighty Colorado River on this course!  Bring the whole family to this trail running event, as there are multiple distances offered, including a Kids K race!  And afterwards, enjoy all that there is to do and see in the outdoor mecca of Moab, including nearby Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park!


One of the best trail marathons and trail half marathons in the US is in Moab, Utah
Moab, Utah


#23: Crow Pass Crossing


Date: mid July

Location: Anchorage, Alaska (map)

Distances: 22.5 Mile

Race Website


This race is undoubtedly Alaskan in every aspect, and every inch of this course is proof of that.  Run alongside and over glaciers, mountains, snowfields, gorges, and the Eagle River!  The obstacles you will face are also undoubtedly Alaskan, including wildlife like bears and moose, and natural elements like plenty of rocks, roots, and the crossing of the frigid Eagle River!  This is an unforgiving, challenging course, but one that screams Alaska from every pore!  If you are looking for a trail running race that is wild and rugged at heart, this needs to be on your bucket list!


#24: The Rut Mountain Runs


Date: mid September

Location: Big Sky, Montana (map)

Distances: 50K, 28K, 20K, 11K, 5K, and Kids 1K Rut Runt Run

Race Website


This is an annual 3 day long trail running event, with loads of distances offered, for various ages and abilities, but all focusing on the hardened mountain climbs of Lone Peak in Big Sky!  The longer distances offer true, technical, and often hazardous mountain climbing and trail running, for experienced runners.  There are sections of exposure and risk of rockfall, along with hefty gains, on these rugged courses.  As an example, there is 10,000 feet of elevation gain on the 50K race!


But then there’s the lighter side with the Kids Rut Runt Run, a chance to cheer little mini trail runners along as they tackle their 1 kilometer race, complete with hay bale “obstacles”!


#25: Flagstaff Sky Peaks


Date: beginning of October

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona (map)

Distances: 50 Mile, 50K, 26K, and 10K

Race Website


Northern Arizona lives and breathes its mountains!  They are woven into the fabric of the culture and the people that live here, and in the heart and soul of the mountain town of Flagstaff!  Start this trail running race from the iconic Snowbowl, and enjoy unlimited mountain views, graced with the dazzling colors of the local aspen trees, something that Flagstaff is known for!


Depending on your chosen distance, you can run a circumference around the San Francisco Peaks, run along the historic Arizona Trail amidst its aspen trees, nad run through ponderosa pine forests.  There is no better place to be in the fall than the high country of northern Arizona, among the tallest peaks in the state!


One trend you may notice about this list of the best trail races in the US, is that many of the uphill, mountainous trail races listed here occur on or very near to the highest mountains in the state!  The same is true of the Flagstaff Sky Peaks trail races, because Flagstaff is home to Arizona’s highest point at Humphrey’s Peak.  So when you are done tackling the Flagstaff Sky Peaks race, take a hike to the summit of Humphreys Peak for the best views in northern Arizona!  Humphreys Peak is also located right at the Snowbowl!


Flagstaff is home to one of the best trail races in the US
Flagstaff, Arizona


#26: Golden Leaf Half Marathon


Date: end of September

Location: Snowmass Village to Aspen, Colorado (map)

Distances: Half Marathon

Race Website


You can’t go wrong with a trail running race set in any of Colorado’s mountains!  The annual Golden Leaf Half Marathon runs a scenic course and relatively gentle course from two of Colorado’s most beloved mountain towns, Snowmass Village and Aspen.  Pass mountainsides, bridges, ponds, aspen forests, and alpine meadows along the way.  Quintessential Colorado in 13 miles!


#27: Trans Rockies Run


Date: mid August

Location: Buena Vista, Colorado (map)

Distances: 120 Mile

Race Website


This trail running race is actually a 6 day long event spanning 120 miles total!  These 120 miles are broken down into 6 “stages” for each day, but regardless of the day, expect tough mountain terrain and high elevation, as the entire event is held between 7,000 and 12,000 feet elevation.  The longest stage is 25 miles, with the shortest stage being 13 miles.  The other great things about this event being broken down into stages, is participants get to run in different areas each day.


For example, Day 1 and Stage 1 is a 20 mile loop course through Buena Vista.  Day 3 and Stage 3 departs in Leadville, home to the highest mountains in the state, literally!  Day 6 and Stage 6 runs 22 miles from Vail to Beaver Creek!  This trail running race is a great way to experience the diversity and tapestry of Colorado’s mountain environment!


#28: Yellowstone Half Marathon


Date: beginning of June

Location: West Yellowstone, Montana (map)

Distances: Half Marathon and 5K

Race Website


What’s it like to run through the forests of the oldest National Park in the US?  A trail where you literally might spot a bear onlooker while you are running? (this actually happened to me – don’t worry, it was just a curious black bear!).  This overall relatively gentle course runs through the deep forests of backcountry Yellowstone, allowing participants to enjoy the solitude and peacefulness of Yellowstone (something you won’t necessarily find at some of its most popular spots!).  Find out more about what to expect from the Yellowstone Half Marathon and 5K trail races!


No visit to this area would be complete without exploring more of the park after your race!  Check out this perfect 3 day Yellowstone itinerary from the West Entrance – ideal for anyone already in the area to run the Yellowstone Half Marathon!  You can also grab a PDF version of this itinerary HERE!


The Yellowstone Half Marathon is one of the best trail half marathons in the US
Yellowstone National Park, Montana


#29: Golden Gate Headlands Marathon


Date: end of March

Location: Mill Valley, California (map)

Distances: Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K

Race Website


There’s plenty of chances to appreciate the California coastline on this trail race!  The rolling Marin Headlands, San Francisco Bay and its Golden Gate Bridge, and the Pacific Ocean are just a few of the sublime views!  This exclusive and beloved event is limited to 400 people each year, and not surprisingly sells out, so don’t wait on this one!


#30: Joshua Tree Half Marathon


Date: beginning of November

Location: Joshua Tree, California (map)

Distances: Half Marathon

Race Website


Ever wondered what it’s like to run a trail half marathon at NIGHT, on SAND?  Find out the answer to both these questions during the unique and one of a kind nocturnal Joshua Tree Half Marathon!  Get your headlamps ready for an epic night run through the Joshua tree filled Mojave Desert, under an unfiltered starry night sky!


The darkness and the loose, sandy trail are deemed enough of a challenge on this low elevation gain course with less than 500 feet of gain.


The Joshua Tree Half Marathon is one of the best trail half marathons in the US
Joshua Tree National Park, California



There you have it, 30 places around the country to challenge yourself on the best trail races in the US!  Which trail races would you add to this list?


Want to see these races listed in a calendar view?  You can grab a calendar list HERE!



What You Need for the Best Trail Races in the US


Trail racing is a unique beast, and with that, some specific knowledge and gear comes with the trail racing territory.


#1: First of all, understand the differences between road and trail running for starters.  If you are new to trail running, here’s an guide to trail running for beginners as well.


#2: Second, invest in ALL the right trail running gear!  Here’s a quick synopsis:

  • Trail running shoes – like my favorite HOKA One One Speedgoats!  Can’t beat the cushion or the grip!
  • Performance socks – like my trusted Hilly Twin Skin socks!  Not a single blister, ever, no matter how many miles in a day!
  • Hydration vest – make sure that you always have plenty of “on the go” water available, with a hydration vest like this Camelbak running vest.

Download a COMPLETE trail running gear checklist HERE!


#3: Lastly, train the right way for a long distance trail race!  You can find guides to training for trail marathons and trail half marathons HERE.

Download a 16 Week Half Marathon Training Calendar HERE!

Download a 16 Week Marathon Training Calendar HERE!



So which of these best trail races in the US are YOU taking on?!




Maybe you are a dual runner, like myself – someone who enjoys a combination of trail running races and road running races!  If that is you, don’t forget to check out my other “best races” lists below:




The best trail running races in the US

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