Are you looking for something more from your vacation?  I’m Kristen, the author and writer behind Yonderlust Ramblings, and I used to be craving more from my travels too, until I found active travel, and it changed my lifestyle forever!

So how did I get here, and what is the story behind Yonderlust Ramblings? 

My mother always taught me that travel is the best education, and I am a firm believer in that mantra.  I have pursued travel my entire life, and have found that some of my deepest sources of personal growth have come from those travel experiences.  I have seen culture and religion clash, mingle, and blend in Jerusalem.  I have had my perspective on global politics change in Jordan.  I have planned out my life goals and relationship goals with my sister on an empty beach in Costa Rica.  I have felt the unconditional warmth of childrens’ hugs at an orphanage in Kenya.  I have been blown away by the gratitude and perseverance of the peoples of the Ecuadorian mountains. I have conquered enormous physical challenges and personal goals with my husband on the Great Wall of China.  I have been inspired by the intrepid and fearless divorcee over breakfast on a patio in Havana.  I have had my own personal doubts and my faith confirmed on an lonely mountain in Utah.  I have retraced the steps with my mother that my grandparents took when they immigrated in New York City.  I have felt the enormous surge of pride running alongside veterans, amputees, and cancer survivors conquering their races through the streets of America’s cities.  I have forged stronger bonds with family hiking beneath the waterfalls of Iceland.  

Travel made all of these opportunities possible.  My travels took on a new direction when I ran my first “runcation” in San Francisco a decade ago.  The destination was no longer the goal, but instead it was the journey that got me there.  The hours of grueling training and months of self-discipline, made running across the Golden Gate Bridge towards the finish line all the more rewarding.  I realized then that I was hooked on this lifestyle, a lifestyle of active travel pursuits.  I have found no greater source of growth, and no greater motivator, than marrying travel with my personal goals!  If you are looking for a different kind of vacation, and want something more from your travels, than active travel is your answer!  No matter what your goal is, big or small, there is a destination race, event, or challenge out there for you, whether that is running a half marathon, backpacking a trail, cycling a century ride, summitting a 14’er, stair climbing a tower run, or many other active pursuits!  You are guaranteed not only to grow, but to have a more intimate, personal, and connected experience with your destination.  There is no feeling like conquering yourself, your goals, and the world around you with your own two feet!  

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