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The answer is active travel, and it has completely changed my life! With active travel experiences, your travels will take on a whole new direction and meaning, and give you that sense of personal growth and accomplishment that we all thrive on.  So what exactly is active travel?

The summit of the Guadalupe Peak hike
The summit of the Guadalupe Peak hike

Active travel is the concept of traveling to attain a goal or challenge, such as running a marathon, backpacking a trail, summiting a 14’er, cycling a century ride, stair climbing a tower run, or any other form of destination race.  With active travel, the journey to your destination takes on a new meaning, as it is not just the destination, but the culmination of training, pushing, and motivating yourself to accomplish that goal you have set before you.  Taking on a new destination with your own two feet is guaranteed to more intimately acquaint you and connect you to that place, as well as leave you with a sense of growth that no other type of vacation can give you.

So you are interested in active travel, but are not sure where to start?  You are in the right place, and my goal is to provide you with the answers and resources to tackle your own active travel goals!

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