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I’m Kristen, and I am a self starter, self taught, self made ultra runner, marathoner, half marathoner, long distance hiker, backpacker, multiple Rim to Rim completer, 14’er summiter, and 50 U.S. states “highpointer”!  My training plans are based on real world experience and execution, which means I can relate to the goals you have, understand the obstacles to getting there, and can create a training plan that is simple, effective, realistic, and free from unnecessary jargon!


My training grounds over the decades have included ultra, marathon, and half marathon courses like the Polar Circle Marathon on Greenland’s Ice Sheet, or the 5,000 steps on the Great Wall Marathon, or the many stunning National Park trails in the U.S.!  Of course, I have also logged thousands of miles on my own home turf of Texas and its many local races! I have completed multiple Rim to Rim hikes across the Grand Canyon, backpacked across the Southwest, and am a 50 states “highpointer”, including multiple 14’er summits, technical peaks like Oregon’s Mt. Hood, and iconic terminuses like Mt. Katahdin on the Appalachian Trail!


The summit of Mt. Whitney



What Do I specialize In?


Long distance races and hikes!  Race distances like marathons, half marathons, and 10k’s, and long distance hikes like the Rim to Rim hike, 14’er peaks, Cactus to Clouds, Mt. Whitney, and Half Dome!  If you have a goal to complete any long distance hike or race, I can get you there!



Why should you book my coaching services?


The #1 reason people fail to launch when it comes to training for a goal is not knowing how to DEVELOP and START a TRAINING PLAN!  This is where I come in.


I not only work with you to create a realistic, customized training plan that fits where you are NOW and where you need to be, but I walk with you STEP by STEP throughout the process with accountability, support, and access!


You can find plenty of sample training plans online with a simple search, but what you WON’T find is a training plan that is specifically developed with YOU in mind, taking into account YOUR strengths, weaknesses, background, preferences, schedule, and location, and then working alongside you to COMPLETE that training plan!


I will address training mileages and increments, pacing, cross training, fueling and hydration, gear recommendations, tapering, and rest days!  My training plans remove any guesswork for you!  But as I mentioned before, I don’t just create a training plan for you and then hang you out to dry, I walk you THROUGH your entire training plan month by month, week by week, and day by day, offering continuous support and accountability!  Each of my clients receive my personal cell number for the entirety of their training plan 🙂



Ready to book a CONSULT or TRAINING PLAN? 


Currently I offer 3 separate 1:1 Coaching Packages:

  • Rim to Rim Coaching Services
  • Mt. Whitney Coaching Services
  • Training Calendar Consults for Beginner Runners


Check out my 3 plans below for RATES and CONTACT info:



#1: Rim to Rim 1:1 Coaching Services


So you got your eyes set on the Rim to Rim hike, but what is the next step in actually preparing for a Rim to Rim hike?  I hear questions like these a lot:

  • What do I do for cross training?
  • What workouts can I do to help prepare for the distance and elevation gain?
  • Where are the best training trails near me?
  • What gear do I need?
  • What do the Rim to Rim trails look like?
  • How do I get ready for the heat?
  • I don’t have challenging trails to train on, what can I do to prepare?
  • What snacks and foods are best for a Rim to Rim hike?


Are you ready to take on the Rim to Rim hike and join the elite 1%, but you need answers to these questions, plus accountability and support from a straightforward, realistic, and non-judgmental perspective?


Did you know that I offer 1:1 Coaching Plans for the R2R hike?


You can choose from 2 personalized plan options below, offering 1:1 coaching and on call support throughout the training process.  That’s 16 weeks of coaching support and accountability individualized for you!  Plus we will develop an individualized training calendar together that is customized to fit your needs exactly where you are today!


Coaching services for the Rim to Rim hike


If you are ready to take the leap, and ready to get serious about conquering the Rim to Rim hike, then click the link below to fill out my coaching interest form and get started!




#2: Training Calendar Consults for Beginner Runners 


Looking to cross your 1st finish line, but don’t know where to START?


Take the 1st step by letting me develop a customized training calendar personalized just for you. I will assess where you are, where you want to be, and develop a training calendar that will get you there, step by step!


My training calendar consults result in customized training calendars that include incremental training run mileages, cross training, and rest days.
We’ll discuss the most effective forms of cross training for YOU, how often and when to rest, and just how to pull off those weekly long training runs!
Don’t lose your momentum before you even get started – let me simplify the training process with a simple, one time consult to develop your OWN training calendar for your race!  With distances offered between 5K all the way up to Marathon!
Check out my rates below, and fill out this INTEREST FORM  to get started!
Running coaching services for training calendars
1:1 Consult Services for individualized training calendar development for beginner runners!




#3: Mt. Whitney 1:1 Coaching Services


Were you one of the lucky few to score a coveted Mt. Whitney permit during the annual lottery?  If so, then you are in the right place to get started with your training plan!


Mt. Whitney’s massive elevation gain and roundtrip distance definitely requires intentional preparation, but its non-technical and relatively accessible trail make it a great goal for any hiker!  And it doesn’t hurt that it is in fact the highest point in the lower 48 states!


My Mt. Whitney training plans prepare you to tackle this 21 mile hike with a customized training calendar, including targeted training hike mileages and increments, effective cross training, and rest days.  I assess which forms of cross training are right for you, as well as address fueling, hydrating, logistics, altitude, and trail reports for the Mt. Whitney hike.


As other seasoned Mt. Whitney hikers will tell you, hiking Mt. Whitney is not guaranteed to happen a 2nd time, thanks to the lottery!  So if you have the chance to hike Mt. Whitney, do it right, and take the steps to ensure the best chance at success!  A personalized training plan and continuous support and accountability will get you there!


Check out my RATES below, and fill out this INTEREST FORM to get started today!

Mt. Whitney coaching services
1:1 Coaching Services for Mt Whitney

*Not ready to book yet, but have questions?  Check out my FB page and send me a message, or email me at [email protected]!