How to Find a Trail Run Near Me

If you type in the keywords “trail run near me” luckily, Google will likely try to auto-populate where “near me” is.  For example, when I type in “trail run near me”, I am going to get results for local trail runs in nearby Texas cities, and likely links that can point me to Texas trail runs.  So, my results might come back with links to “Trail Running Over Texas”, and “Ultra Expeditions” homepages (which, by the way, are two of my favorite trail running organizations in Texas!)  So, whether you live in Texas like me, or in California, or in Idaho, or in New York, Google will try to point you towards state relevant results.  But no matter where you live, and whether Google does a good job of figuring out what is local to you, these are the top trail running resources nationwide in which to find the best “trail running near me”, “trail races near me”, and “best running trails near me”, wherever “near me” means to you!  On the flip side, if you are intentionally looking for a race that is out of state, because you enjoy destination “runcations”, then these trail race resources can help you look at all the trail races nationwide (you can filter down by state, distance, etc.)!


How to find a trail run near me

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How to Find a Trail Run Near Me


There are two different meanings behind “trail runs near me”.   ONE, you are looking for a trail RACE near you, an organized trail running event with set distances like 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, and marathons.


TWO, you are looking for a nearby trail that you can run on RECREATIONALLY.  This guide can help you with both!  First up is how to find trail races near me!


How to find a trail run near me


How to Find Trail Races Near Me


There are multiple ways to find nearby trail racing events, or even destination trail running events across the country.  Your #1 resource should be the internet!  Google can help you a lot simply by googling, but these resources below can help give you the broadest picture in a single snapshot, of all the organized trail races near you, as well as across the country, in a calendar format.  Plus you can filter down results by state, distance, etc.  These are the top websites and resources I use to find trail races near me, as well as destination trail races in other states that I am interested in.



When using these race resources listed above, if you are specifically looking for trail runs and trail races near you, be sure to filter down the type and terrain of race to “trail”.  Otherwise you may get a massive list of races, including road races.  And that is a topic for another day!


***(By the way, I have plenty of road racing resources available too – check out:)



***These lists include the best of both trail races and road races across the US!  And if you are interested in the most extreme adventure runs and races across the GLOBE, you will want to jump on over to this list!


Now that you know HOW to find a trail races near me, what is the next step to actually COMPLETING a trail race?  Here are some helpful steps to prepare:




What if I am Not Running a Race, and Just Want to Find a Trail to Run Near Me?


It is important to differentiate between finding a competitive trail race near me, and just finding a trail run near me for recreation.  The resources above are going to point you in the direction of organized trail race EVENTS!  Think 5k’s, 10k’s, Half Marathons, Marathons, and Ultras.  


(what exactly is the difference between all these distance events anyways?)


If you fall into the category of someone who just wants to know “how can I find running trails near me to run for recreation”, then there are specific resources that can help with that too!  Here are my favorite apps for finding nearby trails for running!



How to find the best running trails near me



Additional Ways to Find the Best Trail Runs and Trail Races Near Me


The internet and apps are probably always going to be your best bet to find trail run and trail races near me, as well as the best local trails for running, but here are a few additional resources as well.


Running Clubs – members of local running clubs can have certain ins and outs with knowing where the good local trails to run on are, or what upcoming trail races are happening nearby.  In fact, a lot of running clubs help to organize and put on trail running events.  Whether you are looking for trail races near you, or just trails to run near you, the camaraderie of participating in a running club can be a great bonus.


Word of Mouth – runner friends, participants in local races, employees at outdoor stores like REI, they are all good sources of word of mouth recommendations regarding the best local trails to run, or great local trail races coming up.  Just ask!  Runners love to talk and share recommendations.


Races – if you participate in a trail race near you, you are likely to hear about more upcoming trail races near you!  Organizers, spectators, fellow runners, they will all gladly share!


Facebook – Facebook is a great resource for finding local running clubs, upcoming trail races, hiking and trail running groups where advice and recommendations are shared, as well as trail experiences from members.  


Running Store / Outdoor Store Connections – if you happen to visit an outdoor store like REI, or a running store to pick up a new pair of trail runners (might I recommend HOKA One One Speedgoats!), you might see advertisements or flyers for upcoming trail race events.  Plus employees can probably share on that topic too.  


Outdoor Venues – outdoor concert venues, breweries, wineries, etc, often host trail races, so next time you visit one of these establishments, look for flyers, or on their website for a list of upcoming events. 


National Parks and State Parks – National and state parks are frequent hosts of trail races.  In fact, some of my favorite trail races within the state of Texas and outside of Texas have been at National and state parks.  Check out this list of the top National Park marathons and half marathons! Parks are great hosts for trail races nearby, because there is a lot of space and a abundance of scenic and maintained trails.  


Before You Go!

When you are in the mood for a destination trail race, one that maybe isn’t necessarily near you, check out this list of the 30 best trail running races across the U.S.!  There’s something for everyone!  You can also download your own calendar list of all 30 races HERE!


*Be sure to check out these related resources to keep you going on your trail running journey!

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How to find the best trail races near me


How to find a trail run near me

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