HIIT Home Workout Program
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HIIT Home Exercise Program You Can Complete in Under 30 Minutes

There may come a time in life when normalcy grinds to a halt, and you have to get creative in finding ways to maintain your regular active lifestyle routines and regimens.  The safest way to always have access to an exercise program and active lifestyle, is to develop an effective at home exercise program.  No matter whether you are exercising to relieve stress, stay healthy, or train for an active goal, such as a long distance running event, cycling race, or big hike, there are amazing benefits to be reaped from implementing workouts to do from home that involve and center upon a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) home workout program.  There are inherent challenges to sticking with a home exercise program, and one of the biggest hurdles is fighting off the potential boredom that comes from performing workouts to do at home.  So it is important that the best at home workout programs have a key element embedded, and that is the ability to change and vary your HIIT home exercise program to your choosing, while still maintaining the high expectations and standards that the best at home workout program can provide.  Keep reading to learn how to create your own personalized HIIT home exercise program that can be completed in under an hour!


HIIT home workout program

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What is a High Intensity Interval Training Home Exercise Program?


High Intensity Interval Training is also referred to as HIIT, and there are amazing benefits to doing HIIT home workout programs.  But what exactly is HIIT?


HIIT refers to a cardio workout that is completed in short bursts of strenuous and full effort work! The key word here is INTENSITY!  A HIIT home workout program loses all effectiveness if you only give 10%.  It’s a 100% effort, or you won’t see the goals I know you are envisioning in your head.  Working harder equates to greater results, greater calories burned, and greater performance on whatever you are training for.


HIIT home workout programs are conducted in sets of high intensity exercises (examples are coming below), and these sets should be repeated a certain number of times ( I will recommend 3 times ) for best results. 


For example, a very basic HIIT home workout program might look like 50 jumping jacks, followed by 50 sit ups, followed by 30 burpees.  I would perform these exercises in order, with a 30 second break between each set of exercises, and repeat the whole program through 3 times.  All at full intensity and full effort!  I would essentially end my home exercise program for the day with 150 jumping jacks, 150 sit ups, and 90 burpees completed.


You may have noticed I mentioned rest between each set.  Rest is important in HIIT, so even though the goal is high intensity, allow your body to rest in between for short amounts.

To sum up HIIT in one sentence: work hard, rest short, work hard 🙂


What are Some HIIT Exercise Examples


HIIT exercises do not have to be overly complicated.  In fact, most of them you will recognize.  It’s about the WAY in which you execute them.  Some typical HIIT exercises that you will see in this “create your own” HIIT home exercise program include:


  • Jumping Jacks
  • Sit Ups*
  • Squats*
  • Wall Sits
  • Lunges*
  • Reverse Lunges*
  • Butt Kickers
  • Burpees
  • Kettlebell/Dumbell (or other 10 pound weighted small object ) Swings
  • Push Ups
  • Jump Rope
  • Curb Toe Taps
  • Planks
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Sprints

*can add weights for additional challenge


As you can see, all of these HIIT exercises can be completed from your own home, with nothing more than your bodyweight! (*can add weights for additional challenge).


Also, you do not need any specialized equipment or specialized training to execute these exercises, and I promise, they can all be combined into an effective HIIT home workout program that you can complete in under an hour!


How To Create Your OWN HIIT Home Exercise Program


The key to an effective HIIT home exercise program is HOW you execute.  Work through your home exercise program as quickly as you can with full effort, performing the number of sets for each exercise, with a 30 second break between each set.  Repeat the entire program 3 times through for optimal results!  Below is an example of a HIIT home workout program that I created for myself:


Best Home Workout Program


Insider Tip: Need to up the challenge level?  Add weights where applicable, such as doing a weighted sit up and weighted squat while holding dumbbells.  Repeat 4 times thru instead of 3.  Gradually increase the amount of reps in each set, such as doing 55 jumping jacks instead of only 50.  


Ready to Create Your Own Personalized HIIT Plan?


The time is now! Having a clear, visual, intentional path will ensure that you stick to your HIIT home exercise program with fidelity.


Create your OWN HIIT Home Workout Plan with this customizable download HERE!


Recommended Gear for Your HIIT Home Workout Program


In order to give full effort to your HIIT home workout program, get the right gear!






Insider Tip: there’s a lot of ways to incorporate a HIIT home workout program into other training programs.  HIIT is beneficial for active travelers and athletes training for long distance runs, grueling hikes, or cycling races!  So if you have any of these events upcoming on your radar, here’s how to incorporate HIIT:






HIIT home exercise program


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