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Does Running Make You Taller: Myth or Fact?

It is well known that running has many benefits.  But does running make you taller?  



It’s true, living a healthy lifestyle can help us reach our maximum physical potentials.  But does running make you taller in and of itself?  This one is unfortunately a myth.



There is no direct proof or scientific support that shows that running increases height by itself.  Growth is largely determined by genetics, as well as partly environment too.  However, studies have shown that exercise, when paired with other beneficial lifestyle choices, can help your body grow and perform at its max, as well as affect your posture!



Does running make you taller



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So If Running Does Not Directly Make You Taller, What Factors Do Affect Height?



Does running make you taller?  Maybe not, but here are some things that do contribute to height:



  • Nutrition:  a rich diet including proteins can contribute to growth



  • Exercise:  physical activity, such as running, can make bones stronger, as well as contribute to growth hormones (according to research)  and testosterone, which affects growth.  



  • Posture: running is beneficial for your core and spine, which can affect your posture, and contribute to the way you feel when you carry yourself.  As we get older, we often tend to get weaker bones, and hunch our backs, which can affect height.  Running is a great way to counteract these affects of aging, and maintain a healthy height.  



  • Weight Loss:  closely related to posture, running is a great tool to use for weight loss, which can affect your core, your spine, and your posture, which also affects how you carry yourself.



  • Genetics:  studies have shown that height is primarily affected by genetics.



Other Benefits of Running



The benefits of running are scientifically proven and far reaching.  Here are just a handful:



-destresses and improves mental health



-great for cardiovascular health



-helps with weight loss



-strengthens immune system



-increases energy levels



-improves posture



-combats diabetes 



-lowers blood pressure



-strengthens joints



Does running increase height




Does Running Make You Shorter?



Believe it or not, there is some truth to the science that running can make you shorter.  This has to do with the compression of the discs in the spine during running, which naturally happens anyways throughout the day, but is sped up by the force endured from running.  



This compression is typically measured in millimeters of loss, so it is not a noticeable amount of shorter, but slightly shorter nonetheless, ironically.  And not to worry, your spinal discs will return to their normal size once the compression from running has stopped.




So What Does This Mean for Me?



So does running make you taller?  No, not by itself.  Really, it is more about posture.  



Want to do the most you can to control your height?  Eat a healthy, well balanced diet with plenty of protein, and exercise regularly!  Take care of your core health, your weight, and your posture, which will all affect how you carry yourself, and just might make you feel taller!  



And how can you make sure that you develop a lifestyle geared towards running (bonus – which might also make you feel taller)?  Invest in a proven running training plan, and grab the right inventory of running gear.




Here’s a few of the basics to get started!



Shoes: Depending on the surface, you will either want a trail running shoe, or a road running shoe



Socks: Make sure your socks are moisture wicking and will prevent blisters – never had a single blister in all my long distance runs and hikes with Hilly Twin Skin socks!



Water Hydration System: Choose the right system for your situation












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Does running make you taller

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